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Neuroscience and Language Coaching for English Teachers

Освіта Нова 26 Грудня 2018 Київ 1108


Learn the skills of neuroscience and become a certified language coach! 

Have you realized that using only the teaching methods we were trained in at university, CELTA or other TEFL courses is obviously not enough? Do you understand that there is much more behind an English lesson?
3 Modules + Certification
Each Module consists of - 7-hour off-line intensive training session + 2 weeks of on-line support, including webinars and practice with supervision 

Module 1 (26.01.19 10:00 - 17:00)
-SMART tool modified by Coaching Center LearnEnglish;
-Types of questions in coaching;
-Core Coaching competencies according to ICF;
-Coaching wheel. 

During Module 1 you will:
- learn to set the aims effectively;
- see a demo linguistic coaching session;
- try to conduct a coaching session yourself;
- learn to listen actively 

Intermodular practice (26.01 - 08.02.19): 
-coaching practice with the observation of a mentor;
-webinar with Q&A;
-self-development tools.

Module 2 (09.02.19 10:00 - 17:00)
-Personalization of learning (neurolinguistic metaprograms; enneatypes);
-building rapport with different learners;
-Socrates’ tool;
-using metaphors. 

During Module 2 you will:
-learn to understand the needs and sources of motivation of different types of learners;
-analyze your current real students and find a better approach to meet their uniqueness;
-learn how to build trustful relationships with learners; 
- learn how to reach subconscious levels and boost students’ creativity. 

Intermodular practice (09.02 - 22.02.19): 
-coaching practice with the observation of a mentor; 
-webinar with Q&A; 
-improving communication with your current students/all people that you know 

Module 3 (23.02.19 10:00 - 17:00)
-decision-making tools;
-giving feedback in a coaching style;
-making speaking skills measurable;
-designing a course. 

During Module 3 you will:
-learn how to help people make decisions; 
-learn how to help people become inspired and develop with the help of feedback; 
-learn how to assess speaking according to the IELTS criteria;
-design your own learning program using language coaching.

Intermodular practice (23.02 - 02.03.19): 
-coaching practice with the observation of a mentor; 
-webinar with Q&A; 
-improving communication with your current students/all people that you know 

-theoretical part;
-conduct a coaching session;
-design a learning course using linguocoaching approach. 

Head Trainer 
Anna Krasilnik - ICF certified coach, business trainer, ToP facilitator, NLP practitioner, English teacher with 17 years of experience. 

Alvin Gardner - certified IELTS coach from Australia; coach at LearnEnglish Coaching Center since 2016
Oksana Melnichenko - coach at LearnEnglish Coaching Center since 2016, English teacher with 12 years of experience, participant of "Change Agents" program, teacher trainer at Teachers' Upgrade. 

The Price of one Module - 200$
Certification - 50$
The price of the whole course + certification - 600 $ 

! If you pay before the 31.12.18 - the price for the whole course - 550$

Організатор: Коучинг Центр LearnEnglish

26 Грудня 2018 - 09 Лютого 2019

10:00 - 02:00

Коучинг Центр LearnEnglish, Богдана Хмельницкого 16, Киев, 01030


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