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WORLD SCHOOL. Language, Math & Science is the first international school of exact sciences in Ukraine. Our teachers will provide the skills to think like a mathematician, to speak English fluently and to truly become a citizen of the world.
License according to the order № 1061/0/5-18 since October 10, 2018.

The emphasis on exact sciences.
In comprehensive schools, exact sciences are reduced to the learning of formulas, and multiplication tables. However, formulas are just a tool created for solving practical problems or describing natural phenomena. In our school, your children will instead create the formulas, and analyze nature themselves. They will follow the paths of Pythagoras, Archimedes, and Newton as they learn to seek out content on their own. With each formula and problem, students will instead seek; they will be able to describe new phenomena; as well to develop the skill set to solve global problems.

Exact sciences should not be boring. They should instead develop curiosity, ingenuity, rational thinking, and the ability to answer accurate questions. A greater knowledge of exact sciences makes it possible to apply unique skills in our daily lives, to solve complex problems in the simplest way, to establish logical connections between ideas and concepts, and to formulate, substantiate and present one’s own opinions.

The emphasis on learning English as a world language.
Today English is not just a school academic discipline, but it is a universal language spoken around the world and is understandable in any country. The English language knowledge gives the chance to communicate with anyone and clears a path to the international community and a career; and gives the speaker a wide choice of education, and occupations not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

Our The core is formed in each of us in childhood, and has a direct influence on the rest of our lives.

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Kyiv, Heroiv Stalingrada, 25B

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